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STMA Youth Baseball

STMA Youth Baseball welcomes its new users to the SportsEngine platform.  To create an account, login to the top left hand corner by selecting "create an account".

Our Association seeks to provide a community and volunteer-driven program to promote the growth and development of our players. Our Association works to promote a fun, fair, and safe environment that maximizes participation and improves players' skills while developing sportsmanship, teamwork, and self-confidence.

2017 Youth Baseball Registration

Registration is now open for the 2017 season.  For more details please go to the  'Registration' Tab.

2016-2017 Winter Facility Registration

Registration is now open for the 2016-17 Winter season.  The facility officially opens Monday, October 31st.  Please see the Facility Tab for more details.  You can register on the below link or on the Facility Tab.

School Board Bond Referendum

As many in our community are aware, the School Board is finalizing a bond referendum for capital improvements to school facilities including building security improvements, pool repairs at MSE, adding classroom space, building another hockey rink and moving other sports facilities to the high school including tennis courts, upgrading softball fields, adding a baseball field, and adding an artificial surface stadium with a dome for winter activities.

Please spend some time reviewing information about about the proposal to form your own position.  As parents of STMA students and players in baseball, we should all take an active interest in this bond.  If a domed field surface is included in the bond, it will provide a local opportunity for our association to provide off-season training.

Background information and details around the process and proposals is available at the following School District website (the Q&A is especially helpful):

Please note the estimated property tax cost per household based on a $200,000 home is between $25 for a $20M bond and $43 for a $35M bond.  These are annual tax estimates.

On Monday, August 22, the school board is holding a meeting at the Middle School West Auditorium to solicit public input.  The meeting begins at 7:00 PM.  We are asking our membership to turn out for this meeting, no matter your position.  If you review the information and support the bond for our baseball program, please wear STMA colors to the meeting as other youth associations will be doing the same.

If you would like to email your support for the bond and the inclusion of sports facilities including the addition of an artificial surface with a dome to the STMA School Board members, we have provided a link to the School Board contact page.  We have also provided form email you can use to send your support with just a couple clicks.  It will go to all STMA School Board Members.

School Board Contacts:

Form Email:  Support the Bond Email