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Dome 2020

Youth Sports "Pause"

The Youth sports pause mandated by the Governor DOES apply to our Dome usage.  During the "Pause" there will be no access to the Youth Baseball hours at the Dome.  For questions on impact to volunteer hours and prorated credits see the information below and the Dome FAQ page.

Dome Membership 2020

STMA Youth Baseball will again offer memberships for batting cage and field time at the Dome this winter.  However, there will be some significant changes this year due to the Covid 19 Pandemic to ensure safety for all players and adherence to all regulations and rules set by the State and Local governments and the school district.  STMA Youth Baseball does not own the Dome; we rent time just as all the other youth associations who use it in STMA.  This year the Youth Baseball Dome hours consist of 820 total hours of cage time and 84 hours of field time over the course of 3 months beginning in December up to Tryouts on February 27th.


See below for the details


  • **STMA Youth Baseball Dome Memberships are for registered 2020 Players only**.
  • The Cost for Dome Membership is $150 for a single player, or $200 for 2 or more players ages 8 and older
  • Each family will be required to complete volunteer hours at the Dome this winter
    • The requirement is 3 hours per player, or per family membership
    • A volunteer check of $450 is required before entering the Dome the first time
    • Volunteering will come in hours of 3; shifts are “front desk check-in” and “Dome Monitor”
      • If you do not show up or do not fulfill the full volunteer shift your volunteer check will be cashed.
      • If you need to cancel your shift you must contact us more than 24 hours before the start of the shift.
    • There will be 3 shifts per session
    • Dome Monitors will NOT be performing duties such as hitting, feeding the pitching machines, or throwing soft toss.  This is the responsibility of the parent.
    • If the volunteer hours are not filled 24 hours before the shift starts STMA Youth Baseball Board reserves the right to cancel the Dome hours
  • We will only allow one parent per family in the Dome at a time
  • Each parent and player must check in and out with the front desk check in volunteer every time they use the Dome
  • In the event the Dome closes for the season due to Covid19 changes, restrictions, or outbreaks a prorated refund and volunteer hours will apply
    • This does NOT include daily closures for inclement weather or facility issues (ie. snow days, pipe burst, Dome repair, etc.)


Sick players and volunteers can not return until they have met the guidelines put in place by MDH and STMAYBA.  If you are feeling sick DO NOT ATTEND THE DOME.  If you are not allowed to go to school (quarantined), You're NOT allowed to attend the Dome.  If you have tested positive for COVID19 or suspect you have it, you must email as soon as possible.  You cannot return to the Dome without a negative test (if tested positive).


These rules, procedures, and requirements may change as we progress through the winter.  We will do our best to communicate any changes and impacts as soon as possible once we are made aware of them.  We appreciate your patience and understanding.   For More information visit the links below.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact the individuals below.


Tim Rick – Tournaments and Facility Director (320) 492-4535 or

Chris Geryol – President (763) 250-1028 or

Volunteer Hours for Dome Memberships

To sign up for your shift of volunteering for Dome hours click the link below for the DIBS site where you can choose your shift.  We will open shifts one month at a time.  We expect to have the following month posted no later than one week prior to the start of that month.


Available Shifts:

Dome Monitor

Dome Check In Attendant


Descriptions, expectations, and requirements for the above listed shifts will be posted here shortly.

Dome Q & A

Player and Parent Expectations While Using the Dome

Check back before December 1st for Player and Parent expectations while using the Dome.

Dome Membership Registration 2020