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Dome Q&A

Q & A

Q:           Can I bring my other children into the Dome during my volunteer hours or when my player is using the Dome?

A:            No, we ask you to leave siblings of the player and other children at home while at the Dome.  The only exception is if you have a family membership and bring 2 players that are registered.


Q:           Can I sign up my child who is not an STMA Baseball player?

A:            No, this time is reserved for 2020 STMA Baseball players only.  If you have a prospective player of STMA Baseball contact Chris Geryol at or 763-250-1028.


Q:           Will you require volunteer hours during the season?  Will these hours be applied to the travel season during the summer?

A:            No, these volunteer hours are strictly for players who sign up for the Dome and the hours are only for this purpose.  We expect to have volunteer hour requirements for the season that will be announced later.


Q:           What does the Pitching Machine Feed do?

A:            The pitching machine feed volunteer will be responsible for their designed cage; feeding balls into the machine, changing speeds based on the attached card, and ensuring overall proper behavior of players and parents in and around the cage.


Q:           What does the Front Desk Check In volunteer do?

A:            The Front Desk Check In volunteer will document all players and parents going in and out of the Dome during their shift.  Ensure players and parents do not exceed their shift time and they will ensure only authorized players and parents enter the Dome while reporting any unauthorized entries or unacceptable behavior to the Board representative.


Q:           Where do we turn in our volunteer check?

A:            A Board member will be available the first week to accept checks, after that you can turn them into the Front Desk Check In person upon your first visit.


Q:           If the Dome is closed due to inclement weather, lack of volunteers, or any other reason how will you notify members?

A:            An email will be sent out as soon as possible to notify members of the closure.


Q:           I just purchased a membership a moment ago, my name is not on the list at check in.  What do I do?

A:            Show the Check In Attendant the Sportsengine Receipt from registration.  However, you must deliver your $500 volunteer check to the Check In Attendant upon your first arrival.  No Check, no Entry.

Q:          If I need to cancel my volunteer shift, what is the deadline and what do I need to do?

A:          Contact Rob Geiman or Chris Geryol as soon as possible.  The deadline is 24 hours before the start of the shift.  See the Contact us page for contact information.

Q:          Some hours were cancelled, will we get a partial refund?

A:          No, if we do not get volunteers to staff the shift and it is cancelled there will be no refund.  If a larger cancellation takes place due to COVID, or other reasons outside of our control a notice will be sent with more information.