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Travel Invoice Help

By Chris Geryol, 03/01/23, 10:45AM CST


Didn't Receive Your Invoice?

All 2023 Travel Invoices have been sent to your inbox, however we have reports that some families did not receive them.  The document below (only visible on the website) or the steps listed below  will walk you through how to find your invoice on SportsEngine in a quick 4 step process.  

  1. Go to and sign into SportsEngine.  In the upper right hand corner, find your initials or profile picture.
  2. Click on the initials or picture and choose “Account Settings”. 
  3. A new window will appear and on the left hand side you should see Bills, click Bills. 
  4. Inside Bills you should see your invoice history. Click “Make a Payment” on the invoice or invoices for 2023.