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STMA Youth Baseball

The Saint Michael - Albertville Youth Baseball Association is organized exclusively for enjoyment and educational purposes. Our core purpose is to teach and play organized baseball in an atmosphere of fair play, good sportsmanship, promotion of team spirit and fun.

2019 STMA Youth Baseball Board Member Election is now Open

This is your opportunity to vote for up to four baseball board member candidates. The election is open until Sunday, September 29. 

Baseball Board Candidate Election Ballot

Please clink the link above to place your votes for up to 4 board members.

2019 Baseball Season Year End Survey


Please take a few minutes to complete the STMA Youth Baseball year end survey. Your feedback through Survey Monkey is 100% anonymous.

The STMA Youth Baseball Board is interested in your feedback about your son’s season. Your feedback influences the decisions we make as we prepare for the 2020 season. Please use the following link to complete the STMA Youth Baseball Year End Survey:

2019 STMA Youth Baseball Year End Survey

Please use the link above to provide feedback

Actions taken based on your feedback last season

Based on your feedback last year we took the following actions last year.

• Encouraged open honest communication between board members, coaches, players and parents
• Improved our rainout and registration communication process
• Communicated more detail regarding the STMA Baseball Board expenditure items
• Described the Traveling Team tryout and coaching selection process
• Created player development opportunities via STMA dome members and open gym times.

The 2019 survey is your chance to let us know if we improved in these categories.

STMA Youth Baseball Board Goals

Our STMA Youth Baseball Board has three main goals that we want to achieve for all STMA youth baseball players. These goals are the basis for many of the decisions we make.

1) They had fun.

2) They developed new skills and/or improved on their existing skills.

3) They want to continue playing STMA youth baseball.

The 2019 survey is your chance to let us know if we achieved our goals.

MYAS Gopher State League Standings & Schedules

Click above to check out the standings and schedules for all STMA Knights Traveling Baseball Teams

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