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Travel Teams

Travel Teams for 2023

Travel Team Field Assignments

Indoor Practice Schedules

2022 Travel Teams Tournaments

Travel Parent and Coach Meeting Presentation

Travel Parent Information

Key Dates

Below is a list of key dates that we ask you to put in your calendar for the upcoming winter and summer season.

  • Travel Parent Meeting: February 8th 7pm@ MSW
  • Coach Training (Head Coaches Only): January 30th, February 13th, and February 27th
  • Uniform fitting: Feb 21, 22, 27.  MSW Atrium, 6pm - 9pm.
  • Big Buck Bingo: Fundraiser at the STM Legion on March 11, 2023
  • STMA Wood Bat Classic (Volunteer Hours): June 16 – 18
  • Gopher Classic Legion Tournament: July 6 - 9
  • Season 2024 Tryouts: August 12, 2023


Travel Player Invoice

Each Travel Player will be required to pay an invoice for costs above and beyond the registration/House Fee's.  These fees include:

  • Indoor Practice Time: This will include the Dome membership and the costs for indoor practices in March.
  • Additional Uniform: Travel players receive an extra jersey, an extra pair of pants, a belt, and a special item such as a t-shirt, shorts, a warm up jacket, and/or a backpack.  These extra items are paid for in the invoice. 
  • Coach Background Check: Each year we run a background check on our Head Coaches and require they complete mandatory training that keeps our player safe.
  • Tournament Fees: Each team will be enrolled in 4 tournaments during the season.  Each tournament has a unique cost.  We take the total cost of the tournaments and divide by the number of players on the team to come up with the tournament cost per player.
  • Fundraising Cards: We ask each player in the association to sell 2 cards that were paid for during registration.  We ask Travel players to sell a total of 5.  The cost of the remaining 3 go on your invoice; the cost is $60.  You keep the money from the sale of the cards. 

A typical invoice for 2023 will be between$525 - $625.  The invoice will come through SportsEngine and be itemized as above.

Volunteer Hours


Travel Parents are asked to complete 4 volunteer hours each season per player and to submit a volunteer check of $500 at the parent meeting in the event they do not complete their hours.  For 2023  volunteer shifts have been posted in Dibs.  Hours are usually completed during the STMA classic tournament in June.  We purposely do not schedule tournaments for our travel teams during that week (except those teams that play in our own tourney) so parents can complete hours.