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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Winter Season Training

Q: What are my options for post season workouts?

A: The STMA Youth Baseball Association partners with local facilities to purchase time for off-season training.  Now that STMA has the Dome we purchase blocks of time to use the field and batting cages right in our community.  Registration typically starts on November 1st and can be found on the front page of our website.  The season starts in early December and lasts through tryouts at the end of February.

Q: What is the cost of off season training?

A: The cost varies from year to year based on the amount of time available to us and the cost.  We typically offer a single membership for one player and a family package for 2 or more players.

Registration and Tryouts

Q: How do I register and when does it start/end?

A: Registration usually starts the first week of January and stays open until the day before tryouts.  If your child is one of the younger players that does not try out we communicate an end date.  This is evident on the flyer that is sent to all STMA district schools in early January.  We also post the information on our website in January.  Our registration is all electronic and is through our website.

Q: Why is there a Traveling Fee?

A: Please see the section regarding Costs and Fees

Q: When are Tryouts held?

A: Tryouts are usually held the last week of February(ages 9 - 14) and early April (Ages 15 - 17).  Tryouts are held inside for the younger age group and we attempt to go outside for the older age group if weather and fields permit.   In 2020 tryouts will be held on February 29th for ages 9 - 14.

Q: Who performs the evaluation of the players at tryouts?

A: Evaluations will be performed by a group of independent evaluators hired by STMA Youth Baseball Association Board.   These evaluators have background in playing/coaching baseball at various levels from amateur to professional as well as being part of evaluations for other communities.  None of the evaluators are affiliated in any way with STMA Youth Baseball and they do not live or have children/family playing baseball in the association. Although some pre-selected travel coaches may be at the tryout and take notes from a distance, they will have NO input or weight in the scoring or know the scoring before all scores are entered.  This is to provide the the coaches with as much info as possible prior to meeting with their team.

Q: What is the criteria the players are evaluated on?

A: Each player is evaluated on hitting, Infield, outfield, throwing, and running.  At this time there is no evaluation on pitching, but it is under consideration by the board.  Each category has sub-categories for the evaluators to rate.  Each category is also weighted.  Categories and weights may vary from year to year.  More specific details will be communicated closer to tryouts for that particular year.

Q: My player's tryout is complete, when will I know if he made a travel team?

A: Although we cannot guarantee a date or time of when travel teams are posted, we do our best to have them posted the following Wednesday after tryouts.

Q: My player did not make a travel team, now what? or We didn't want to travel so why I am I asked to tryout?

A: If your player did not make a travel team they will be automatically added to an in-house team.  If you did not want to travel you are asked to tryout for team forming.  To make our in house programs as competitive as possible we attempt to form the teams in as balanced a fashion as possible.  

Q: My player will participate in the Majors or Minors league, do we have to tryout?

A: No, there are no tryouts for that level. 

Q: I want my player to play a league up from his age, is that possible?

A: Yes, however you must state that in the registration or your player will not be allowed to move up once tryouts are held. 

Q: I submitted my player to play up, how does that work?  What happens next?

A: It varies by age level and placement is determined by tryout.

  • Players 5 - 7 cannot play up a division.
  • If your player is 8 years old they may play up and attend tryouts.
    • If 8 years old and in 3rd grade PRIOR/DURING the season they may qualify (during tryouts) to play on the 9 year old Traveling team.  A discussion with a parent will take place before the player is added to the team.
    • If an 8 year old does not qualify for the 9 year old traveling team they will be placed on a Willie Mays (9-10 year olds) in-house league.
    • For all other age groups the player will be evaluated and placed on the appropriate team on the next age level up.

** The STMA Youth Baseball Board encourages players to play with their age group as early as possible.  Some players may have a summer birthday (ex June 1st or later) and primarily play with the grade level below.  If you feel your player qualifies to play up and their tryout supports it we encourage to move up.  If you have any questions or would like to discuss this with a Board Member please reach out to the VP - Travel or President listed on our contact page. **

Q: What is typical schedule for tryouts?  Can I watch?

A: The tryout schedule will be posted prior to tryouts with time broken down by age group.  We ask that parents accompany their player to registration where you check in and verify jersey size, pants size, hat size, etc.  Our uniform vendor will be onsite to help you choose sizes as well as other vendors that supply equipment and apparel needs.  Once your players number is called we ask that Parents stay in the registration area while we accompany the player to the tryout location.  Duration of tryout varies based on age group and in-house or travel.

Q: During Tryouts, what is the speed and distance for hitting?


  • 9/10 Year old - 46 feet, 43 mph
  • 11/12 Year old - 46 feet, 47 mph
  • 13/14 Year old - 52 feet, 57 mph
  • 15/16 Year old - 60 feet, 65 mph

Fees and Cost

Q:How do STMA Youth Baseball Fees compare to our neighbor communities?

A: Our fees are very competitive with our neighboring communities.  Our philosophy is to charge players as close to the exact amount required rather than charging a high blanket fee with the possibility of money left over.  As an example, a travel player in STMA is charged a registration fee up front.  Once team placement is complete additional costs are calculated based on additional uniform items, tournaments, etc.  Many of our close neighbors follow the same philosophy.


Elk River:

Q: What does the Registration Fee and Tryout fee cover?

A: The registration fee covers various costs including uniforms, field rental, umpires, equipment, technology fees (ex. website), facility rentals (Dome for tryouts), etc.  The Tryout Fee covers our evaluators and helpers, facility rental, custodial staff, and technology fees.

Q: Our travel player did fundraising last year, where does that money go?

A: The fundraising money may go to multiple expenses each season such as replacement equipment, new equipment, etc.  In 2018 we donated the money to each City (STM and Albertville) to build covered dugouts at one field in each city.  

In-House Leagues

Q: I would like more information about my player's in-house league, where can I get that?

***Our Website is undergoing maintenance and redesign.  This information will be updated and posted again prior to tryouts.***

A: visit our league pages, links below.

Minors (5 - 6 Years)

Majors (7 - 8 Years)

Willie Mays American (9 - 10 Years)

Willie Mays National (9 - 10 Years)

Pee Wee Reese (11 - 12 Years)

Sandy Koufax (13 - 14 Years)

Q: What is the difference between Willie Mays American and Willie Mays National?

A: Willie Mays American is considered the higher league between the two.  Only 6 teams are formed in American and this is based on the tryout scores.  The top 72 players from tryouts in ages 9, 10, and 8 year old try-ups are added to this league.  The remaining are added to the National league.

In the American league, the team that wins the year end tournament gets a bid to the State Recreational Championship, paid for by the Association.

Q: If I have a concern about my kids coach, who do I contact?

A: For any concerns about a coach or potential violation of baseball, league, or city rules please contact the VP - In House, or the President of the Youth baseball association.  Contact information can be found in the "Contact Us" section of the website.  Safety and good sportsmanship is a top priority for the STMA Youth Baseball Board, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Q: Are there volunteering requirements for parents of In House players?

A: No, there are no requirements for volunteering for parents of in house players.

Traveling Baseball

Q: How many tournaments do travel teams play in?

A: Travel teams are scheduled for 3 tournaments by the Youth Baseball Board.  Coaches can choose a 4th tournament, but the cost is not covered by the association.  The team may also qualify for one or more state tournaments towards the end of the season.  Those tournament costs are also not covered by the association.

**2019 Travel Team tournaments are posted on the main page of the Travel site.  You can find it here:


Q: How long is the traveling season?

A: The traveling seasons begins in March with practices, parent and coach meetings, and fundraising.  Outdoor practices begin when fields open and weather permits.  Games usually begin at the end of April and run through the first week of August depending on tournaments.

Q: How often do teams practice?

A: Practice time varies based on field availability, game schedule, and tournaments.  During the middle of the season you could play 3 - 4 games a week and may not have any practices.  Other weeks could be 3 - 4 practices with no games.  

Q: How are Coaches selected?

A: Coaches must submit a request form during registration to be considered to coach.  Prior to traveling tryouts the VP of Traveling interviews each Head coach candidate, reviews any feedback from the prior year, and makes a recommendation that is brought to the Youth Baseball Board for a vote.  A majority vote from the board selects the Coach.  The Head Coach can then select up to 2 assistant coaches.  Coaches must have all required training to be allowed to coach once practices begin.

Q: Is there a playing time policy?

A: No, the Youth Baseball Board does not have a policy around playing time, however each coach is given a recommendation on playing time.  Playing time is up to the coaches discretion.

Q: If I have a concern about my kids coach, who do I contact?

A: For any concerns about a coach or potential violation of baseball, league, or city rules please contact the VP - Traveling, or the President of the Youth baseball association.  Contact information can be found in the "Contact Us" section of the website.  Safety and good sportsmanship is a top priority for the STMA Youth Baseball Board, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Q: Are there volunteering requirements for parents in traveling?

A: Yes, each player is required to have a parent perform 4 hours of volunteer service at one of our Youth Baseball sponsored events (ex. concession stand for Albertvile Friendly City Days, field prep for STMA hosted baseball tournament).  If you have more than one player you are required to do 4 hours per player.

Q: How many players are on a team?  How many teams?

A: We assigned 12 players per traveling team.  There are usually 3 traveling teams per level (AAA - Highest scoring and most competitive, AA, and A).  The number of teams may vary based on overall number of players trying out and their tryout scores.  The team format will only change from the one AAA, one AA, and one A team with a Youth Baseball Board vote.


Q: What is the date of pictures?

A: The date for pictures has changed over the years due to scheduling of tournaments, city events, and scheduled games.   The Board will do the best we can to have pictures scheduled before the beginning of May each season, but depending on many factors this may not always be the case.

2019: May 18th for House Teams, at Middle School West Baseball Fields, or indoors in the event of inclement weather.

Q: Who do I call if I have questions about my players pictures?


  • For incorrect orders or anything regarding the pictures, forms, or payment contact QP Photography (
  • For lost pictures, scheduling concerns, etc. contact the Director of Fundraising and Sponsorship located in the "Contact Us" section of our website.


Fall Baseball

Q: Are there any opportunities for my player to join a team in the Fall?

A: There are opportunities to join Fall Ball Teams.  The STMA Youth Baseball Association does not coordinate these activities in the fall.  However, you can reach out to the VP - Travel, President, or any member of the Board (in the Contact Us section) to inquire if any coach is putting together a team at your player's age group.  Another resource is the MYAS website (

Q: Is Fall Baseball played in STMA?  How long does it last?

A: Fall Baseball may or may not be in STMA.  This depends on the coach who organizes and registers the team with MYAS.  The association does not coordinate fall baseball.  The typical Fall Ball season goes from early September to the middle of October.

Inclement Weather

Q: How are we notified if bad weather hits STMA?

A: In most cases the cancellation of a practice or game will be up to your coach.  However, there are instances where the fields will be closed which will require automatic cancellation of activities.

There will be 3 types of closures in STMA, School fields, Albertville Fields, and St. Michael Fields.  In most cases both cities fields will be closed and announced together.

The STMA Youth Baseball Board will do our best to send out communications via email, Facebook, and/or Twitter in the event of a field closure.  However, to track these closures you can visit which is where we get our information to communicate to you.  At times, the rain or weather comes after normal business hours and FYCC does not send out a field closure, which will leave cancellation up to your individual coach.